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Didactic Itineraries

They represent the classic approach to the knowledge of the Park. It is possible to choose between organized itineraries which are suitable for every season or for personalized itineraries by asking the qualified staff.

Georef.  ItineraryTypology Interest
 Bosco Vedro ItineraryOn foot On foot
full day
Great interest: Flora Great interest: Wildlife 
 Campo dei Fiori ForestOn foot On foot
Full-day itinerary (visitors must require the auth...
Great interest: Flora Great interest: Photography 
Dogana Vecchia ItineraryDogana Vecchia ItineraryOn foot On foot
half day
 Lanca del Bagno ItineraryOn foot On foot
half day
Great interest: Flora Great interest: Wildlife 
 Lanche di Cameri ItineraryOn foot On foot
half day
Mulino Vecchio ItineraryMulino Vecchio ItineraryOn foot On foot
half day
 Summer Holiday Camp ItinerariesOn foot On foot
half day

By Bike

At the end of the 1980s the Park began the planning of a cycling track. Once finished, the track will go through the whole area of the Park for a total length of over 60 km.
The track should be interesting from a naturalistic point of view going from north to south along the river and offering visitors the opportunity to see several habitats. Promoters of the cycling track decided to build it on a rigid bottom in order to allow cyclists and those who love jogging to use the track all year round.

The rigid bottom is important also for other reasons: assistance, security and fire fighting services can go along it without problems all year round. In fact the track is the only way of linking the areas of the Park, since vehicles circulate on routes which are perpendicular to the river.

This itinerary offers the opportunity to observe several habitats of Valle del Ticino. From it, you can reach further itineraries to discover historical and monumental points of interest in the Park Municipalities.

Cycling track: available stretches

  • Bellinzago / S.S. n.11 Trecate
  • Campo dei Fiori / Varallo Pombia

At the moment it is possible to go along 19 km of the cycling track. Further 23 km have been planned. Some of them have already been put out to contract, but have not been built yet.

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