Parco Naturale del Ticino



It is one of the Italian parks with the strongest agricultural vocation.
If in the north there are mainly meadows and cereal cultivations, the south is dominated by the irrigated rice cultivation, which becomes monoculture in the lower plain.
The flourishing state of the sector is also given by the breeding activity, linked to the processing of preserved meat - including horsemeat - and cheese.

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Today, thanks to cold stores, it is possible to use advanced technologies: the pasteurized milk is mixed with liquid veal's rennet and grafted with Pennicilliums spore. The curd is broken in walnut-size grains, the mixture is extracted and put into...
Category: Cheese
Rice and Pasta
The sky, rows of poplars, birds, and imposing courtyard farmsteads reflect themselves in the rice-fields, which are flooded from March onwards. It is one of the most charming "artificial landscapes" in Italy, unchanged in some features, but also characterized...
Category: Rice Pasta and Cereals
Horsemeat is left maturing in pieces to prepare bresaola or to get minced, mixed with pork lard, flavored, and packed. Salami usually consists of about 70, 80% of horsemeat (in particular, leg and neck), minced in medium grains, and about 20, 30% of coarsely...
Category: Cold Cuts
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