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Facilities in Valle del Ticino Park

  • How to reach it: by train and by coach
  • no. 2 Campsites within the Protected Area
  • no. 6 picnic areas
  • Mulino Vecchio di Bellinzago Visitor Center
  • Welcome structure: guest house, no. 4 beds for students and researchers
  • Show room
  • Thematic Library
  • Guided tours
  • Didactic activities
  • no. 6 self-guided environmental and landscape trails
  • Routes for disabled persons
  • Cycling tracks (about 25 km)
  • Bike hire service
  • no. 2 Bird watching
  • Guide
  • Orienteering Map
  • Specific publishing products

Facilities in Valle del Ticino Park

Structures for the Visitors

Picnic areas:

  • Marano Ticino (with parking area)
  • Mulino Vecchio di Bellinzago
  • Cascinone Provasin Bellinzago (with parking area)
  • Belvedere Cameri
  • Sette Fontane Galliate (with parking area)

Visitors can find panels in the most interesting naturalistic sites.

Parking areas:

  • Parking area along the river Ticino near the Mulino Vecchio of Bellinzago
  • no. 2 parking areas in Cameri
  • no. 1 parking area in Trecat

Didactic routes
It is possible to choose among several routes which are suitable for every season. It is also possible to choose a personal route by asking to the qualified staff of the Park.

Cycling track
At the end of the Eighties, Valle del Ticino Park began the planning of a cycling track. Once it is finished, it will go through the whole surface of the Park. Its total length will be of over 60 km.

Structures for the Visitors

Environmental Education Regional Center

Ticino Park has begun an intense collaboration with the world of school. The proposal and the instruments used work as a support to the didactic programs dealing with environmental education issues. The aim of the Park is to create, through these interventions, a greater sensitization towards nature which might lead to a more correct management of the territory and a better relationship between man and environment.

Among the various proposals, the didactic structure of the Mulino Vecchio acquires a particular importance. At the Mill it is possible to exploit various didactic opportunities, increasing in this way the learning possibilities also through the direct contact with a reality which bring us back in time.

Environmental Education Regional Center
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