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Some products owe their features and value to the beneficial mild climate of the southern slopes of the gypsum areas, guaranteeing not so cold winter temperatures; others draw their perfumes and aromas from the clayey soils of the gullies or the spontaneous herbs growing in the garrigue at the foot of the slopes.

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Quality Brands

BIO - Organic Farming
Monte Mauro CheeseMonte Mauro Cheese
At the bottom of the southern slopes of Monte Mauro, in the valley of Rio Stella, the farm of the sa... >>
Apricots, cultivated above all in Santerno Valley, are widespread in the whole Park territory where,... >>
PGI - Protected Geographical Indication
Marrone Chestnut of Castel del Rio PGIMarrone Chestnut of Castel del Rio PGI
On the slope of Vena del Gesso facing north, in particular between Borgo Rivola and Tossignano and... >>
PDO - Protected Designation of Origin
Brisighella Extra-virgin Olive Oil PDOBrisighella Extra-virgin Olive Oil PDO
Brisighella extra-virgin olive oil PDO is an excellent quality product, famous all over Italy, exclu... >>
  Moretto ArtichokeMoretto Artichoke
On the dry and sunny clays of the gullies, Moretto Artichoke is traditionally cultivated. It is an a... >>
Vegetables and Legumes
PGI - Protected Geographical Indication
Romagna Shallot PGIRomagna Shallot PGI
Romagna Shallot PGI is a characteristic and traditional vegetable of the area of Vena del Gesso Roma... >>
Vegetables and Legumes
Slow Food Presidium
Mora Romagnola Pig BreedMora Romagnola Pig Breed
Mora Romagnola pig breed is unmistakable for its dark brown coat, almost black, after which it has b... >>
Autochthonous Breed and Meat
PGI - Protected Geographical Indication
Romagnola Cow BreedRomagnola Cow Breed
Romagnola cow breed, characterizing the hills surrounding the Park, has an unmistakable light gray c... >>
Autochthonous Breed and Meat
Albana di RomagnaAlbana di Romagna
The Albana wine is produced with the vine variety of the same name which is cultivated in the Park&#... >>
More DOC WinesMore DOC Wines
More DOC wines, locally produced, are: Cagnina di Romagna, Pagadebit di Romagna, Colli di Faenza, Co... >>
Sangiovese di RomagnaSangiovese di Romagna
The Sangiovese wine is produced with the vine variety of the same name which is cultivated in the Pa... >>
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