Durum wheat bread and other local products
Durum wheat bread and other local products

The Local Products of Nebrodi

The agricultural and food products and the handicrafts of Nebrodi are characterized by a top quality and the enhancement of local products, since they are deeply linked to the local territory and culture.
The basket of Nebrodi aims at gathering and offering the traditional local products that you can find in Nebrodi Park and, more in general, in the Nebrodi area.

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Quality Brands

   Almond Pastry, Rametti, Buccellati
Almond pastry is the common base for many of the traditional sweets of Nebrodi, characterized by a s... >>
Cheese prepared with mixed cow's and goat's milk. Milk is heated at a temperature of 37°... >>
Slow Food Presidium
It is a cylindrical cheese round with a weight going from 10 to 18 kilos. It is one of the biggest p... >>
Nebrodi ProvolaNebrodi Provola
It is a traditional Sicilian cheese prepared by the cheese-makers of Nebrodi Mountains according to ... >>
Ricotta is a dairy product widespread all over Sicily, where it is used to prepare many dishes. Howe... >>
Nebrodi HazelnutNebrodi Hazelnut
As a consequence of the crisis of mulberry farming, around 1890 the slopes of the middle and high hi... >>
   Nebrodi Strawberries and Berries
Strawberries, wild strawberries, bilberries, raspberries, blackberries, white and red currants are c... >>
   Nebrodi Honey
Nebrodi are characterized by an extraordinary and unique variety of plants and trees: it is enough t... >>
PDO - Protected Designation of Origin
 Valdemone Extra-virgin Olive Oil PDO
Valdemone is obtained from the oil of three main cultivars: Ogliarola Messinese, Santagatese, and Mi... >>
  Nebrodi Black PigNebrodi Black Pig
Nebrodi Black Pig is a small-size pork with a dark coat, very similar to the wild boar. It lives in ... >>
Autochthonous Breed and Meat
  Durum Wheat BreadDurum Wheat Bread
In Nebrodi, as well as in Madonie and the rest of Sicily, traditional bread is made at least in part... >>
Rice Pasta and Cereals
   Black Pig Ham
Black pig ham is obtained from pigs bred with a semi-extensive method called "in Pien'aria". The... >>
Cold Cuts
In Sicily, like anywhere else in Southern Italy, capocollo (called coppa in Northern Italy) is the c... >>
Cold Cuts
The production area of this cold cut includes the Municipality of San Marco, the Municipalities of C... >>
Cold Cuts
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