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Points of Interest

History, Art, and Culture

The territory of Colli Euganei is rich in vestiges of the Ancient Veneti. A great number of finds, telling the history of this area from prehistory to the Roman Age, is preserved in Este, in Atestino National Museum.
The most ancient finds, coming from areas of Mt. della Madonna and Venda, date back to the Paleolithic Age and consist of flint tools. Meaningful ceramic objects date back to the Neolithic Age (end of the 4th millennium BC): plenty were found near Castelnuovo. Weapons, tools, decoration objects and clothes dating back to the Bronze Age (2nd millennium BC), showing the presence of a lake village, have been found near Lago della Costa, in Arquà Petrarca.

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Nature sites

Point of InterestLocation
 Basin of Corte BorinBasin of Corte Borin
 Buso dei BrigantiBuso dei Briganti
 Cava Bomba - Cinto EuganeoCava BombaCinto Euganeo (PD)
 Cavern of Santa FelicitaCavern of Santa FelicitaTeolo (PD)
 Columnar rhyolite quarry - Monte Cinto, Cinto EuganeoColumnar rhyolite quarryCinto Euganeo (PD)
 Costa lake - Arquà PetrarcaCosta lakeArquà Petrarca (PD)
 Falesie del PirioFalesie del Pirio
 Former mine "la Pietraia"Former mine "la Pietraia"
  Maronari centenari de Baderla
 Maronari LakeMaronari Lake
 Marron trees on Mt. Venda – M. Venda, Cinto EuganeoMarron trees on Mt. VendaCinto Euganeo (PD)
 Mt. Ceva – Battaglia Terme, Montegrotto TermeMt. CevaBattaglia Terme (PD)
 Quarry of Monte Croce - Battaglia TermeQuarry of Mt. CroceBattaglia Terme (PD)
 Rocca Pendice – TeoloRocca PendiceTeolo (PD)
  Salto della Volpe
 San Daniele biotope – TorregliaSan Daniele biotopeTorreglia (PD)
 Schivanoia waterfall – TeoloSchivanoia waterfallTeolo (PD)
 Secular oak of BaoneSecular oak of Baone
  Source of Le Volpi
  Terrace of Ercole
 Huge beech on Mt. Fasolo – M. Fasolo, Cinto EuganeoThe beeches on Mt. FasoloCinto Euganeo (PD)
 Vegro Monte CalbarinaVegro del Monte Calbarina
 Vegro Monte CeciliaVegro del Monte Cecilia
 Vegro MottoloneVegro del Monte Mottolone

Archaeology and castles

Point of InterestLocation
 Archaeological Park on Colle della Rocca, MonseliceArchaeological Park on Colle della RoccaMonselice (PD)
 Montegrotto archaelogical excavationsArchaeological sites within the Park territory
 Buso della Casara - ValnogaredoBuso della CasaraCinto Euganeo (PD)
 Ca' Marcello or Cini Castle, MonseliceCa' Marcello or Cini CastleMonselice (PD)
 Castle of LispidaCastle of Lispida
 Castle of San Martino della VanezaCastle of San Martino della VanezaCervarese San Croce (PD)
 Castle of ValbonaCastle of ValbonaLozzo Atestino (PD)
 Ruins of the fortification on Mt. CintoFortification ruins on Mt. CintoCinto Euganeo (PD)
 Ruins of San Giorgio castleRuins of S. Giorgio castleRovolon (PD)
 Ruins of the castle of Speronella, Rocca Pendice, TeoloRuins of the castle of Speronella in Rocca PendiceTeolo (PD)
 Ruins of the castle on Mt. CeciliaRuins of the castle on Mt. CeciliaBaone (PD)
 Walls of the marquis castle in EsteThe Castle of EsteEste (PD)

Historical villas and gardens

Point of InterestLocation
 CatajoCatajoBattaglia Terme (PD)
 Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni ArdemaniHistorical garden of Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni ArdemaniGalzignano Terme (PD)
 Palazzo of the PrincePalazzo of the Prince
 Park of Villa Papafava - FrassenellePark of Villa PapafavaRovolon (PD)
  Villa Bembiana
 Villa Emo Cortuso Maldura in RivellaVilla Emo Cortuso Maldura at RivellaMonselice (PD)
 Villa Italia (Castle of Lispida)Villa Italia (Castle of Lispida)Monselice (PD)
 Villa Mantua BenavidesVilla Mantua BenavidesBaone (PD)
 Villa Selvatico SartoriVilla Selvatico SartoriBattaglia Terme (PD)
 Villa VescoviVilla VescoviTorreglia (PD)

Religious sites

Point of InterestLocation
 Church of Monteortone - Abano TermeAbbey of Madonna della Salute di MonteortoneAbano Terme (PD)
 Abbey of PragliaAbbey of PragliaTeolo (PD)
 Church of Madonna Monte PirioChurch of Madonna Monte Pirio
  Church of San Martino
 Church of San SabinoChurch of San SabinoTorreglia (PD)
  Church of Santa Lucia del Rusta
 Hermitage of S. Maria Annunziata on Monte RuaHermitage of S. Maria Annunziata on Monte RuaTorreglia (PD)
 Monastery of St. DanieleMonastery of St. DanieleAbano Terme (PD)
 St Anthony the Abbot Oratory in winterOratory of Anthony the AbbotTeolo (PD)
 Russian war memorialReligious monument to the fallen of First World War in Russia
 Ruins of the ancient monasteries on Mt. OrbiesoRuins of the ancient monasteries on Mt. Orbieso (PD)
 Ruins of the Olivetani MonasteryRuins of the Olivetani Monastery on Mt. VendaVò (PD)
 Sacello San GiuseppeSacello di San Giuseppe
 Shrine on Monte MadonnaSanctuary of Madonna del MonteTeolo (PD)
  Santa Domenica Hermitage
  Temple of San Gaetano
 Ruins Mount Croce MonasteryVestiges of the Abbey of Santa Maria di Monte delle Croci

Further places to visit

Point of InterestLocation
 "LIETA Carraresi" Park in Passo Fiorine"LIETA Carraresi" Park in Passo FiorineTeolo (PD)
 "Pietro d’Abano" Park"Pietro d'Abano" ParkBattaglia Terme (PD)
 Amphitheatre of VendaAmphitheatre of Venda
 Arch of FalconettoArch of Falconetto
 ARPAV Meteorological RadarARPAV Meteorological Radar
 Botanical Garden of Buzzaccarini ParkBotanical Garden of Buzzaccarini ParkMonselice (PD)
 Botanical Garden of Ginestre Town ParkBotanical Garden of Ginestre Town ParkBaone (PD)
 Butterfly Arc and Bosco delle FateButterfly Arc and Bosco delle FateMontegrotto Terme (PD)
  Hang-glider former launch
 Park of Villa DraghiPark of Villa DraghiMontegrotto Terme (PD)
 Roccolo BonatoRoccolo BonatoGalzignano Terme (PD)
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